Nightly pondering

These days I’m having a rough period. During one of my usual indifference moments I was thinking “Life is hard. Why do we even keep trying?” And then it struck me. We, as humans, are proudly stubborn. We have everything against us: time, nature, sometimes even the laws of physics. But this didn’t dissuade us […]


Lately i see a lot of online hate regarding capitalism. Let me tell you my two cents. Blaming capitalism because you’re broke is like blaming physics if your house crumbles. It’s not physics fault, but rather yours, or the people who built it. Capitalism is like a law of nature, the survival of the fittest. […]

My home network milestones

Circa 1995-1996: a young first grader is brought, with his class, to the town public library. Here he sees a PC running Netscape, connected to this new thing called internet. 1997-11-07: His dad buys a new computer for the office, which has something called a dial-up modem. From this date, technically speaking, that kid is […]

About Net Neutrality

While browsing my news feeds, i found this rather unfortunate article about net neutrality on Forbes. I think the author totally misses the point: his comparison to a supermarket chain and its offers does not fit well net neutrality current discussions, since it doesn’t account for the bad scenarios that could happen, and it only […]