My home network milestones

Circa 1995-1996: a young first grader is brought, with his class, to the town public library. Here he sees a PC running Netscape, connected to this new thing called internet.

1997-11-07: His dad buys a new computer for the office, which has something called a dial-up modem. From this date, technically speaking, that kid is online.

2002-09: When the kid, now a young boy, gets his second computer, he has his own modem to connect to the net. Phone bills skyrocket.

2003-09: The boy’s dad signs a contract for a ADSL line for the office, and forgets it.

2004: Finally they buy a DSL router, speeds are about 1.5Mbps/0.1kbps

2006-11-09: The boy gifts itself a brand new WiFi DSL router, since his new Centrino notebook has wireless capabilities

Circa 2008-2009: The line speed gets bumped up, by Telecom Italia, to a whopping 7Mbps/0.8Mbps

2014-10-26: Finally a CAT6 cable is put in place to link the house and the office, giving the now adult man 24/7 connectivity, after 10 years of switching off the router in the office and powering on the one in the home when needed

2016-05: The old router in the office gets replaced by a new one, Gigabit capable

2017-03-17: With a new switch between the home router/AP and the office one, the house wired connection gets bumped from 100BASE-T to 1000BASE-T, allowing way faster communication between the wired devices

2017-06-08: The line gets another upgrade, thanks to TIM FTTCab coverage. Thanks to fiber-powered VDSL, the new available bandwidth is 30Mbps/3Mbps

2017-11-12: About 20 years after first getting an internet connection, finally all the house is covered by WiFi, thanks to a new AP and a repeater

Future upgrades?

  • Wiring the new garage with UTP cable and putting an AP in it
  • Buying a Chromecast/Fire Stick/Android TV box to enable streaming on the living room/kitchen TVs Update 2018-01-09: got both a Chromecast and a Fire Stick since 2017-12
  • Stepping up from 54Mbps 2.4Ghz WiFi and 802.11b-g-n to 300Mbps or more with 5Ghz and newer 802.11 standards support
  • Wiring the house instead of relying on WiFi repeaters

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